How to Care For Your New Tattoo

How to Care For Your New TattooGetting a tattoo is often considered to be a permanent alteration and can be a beautiful enhancement to the human body, but without proper care and consideration before and after getting the ink, the clarity, sharpness, brightness, and overall look of the tattoo may deteriorate, leaving a permanent blurry blob instead.

When determining where to place a new tattoo, always take a close look at the skin where the tattoo is to be inked. If you see lots of freckles, especially large solid ones, you may want to think about having the tattoo inked elsewhere. Those freckles are effectively a form of skin cancer that can be agitated during the tattooing process. A good artist will not tattoo over them and that can leave you with large holes in the artwork. Be sure to discuss your skin’s health with your artist before the inking begins.

Once finished, the worst thing to do immediately is get the tattoo wet. Your artist will cover your skin with plastic and tape it in place for the initial healing to begin. During this time you should

Face Painting Tips to Help You Master the Skill of Face Painting

Face Painting Tips to Help You Master the Skill of Face PaintingIf you have kids, face painting is also a fun and creative way to enjoy your time together and make them happy. Indeed, kids love their faces to be painted with colorful designs and it would be one good way to make them happy as well.

If you want to master this skill and make your kids happy, or you want to make business out of it, here are some face painting tips that you might find helpful.

– Make sure you are using non-toxic face paints for your kids. You can find many types of face paints everywhere and one thing that you should check in getting face paints is to choose non-toxic ones.

– Before starting with the face painting, try your paint on a small area of the skin to make sure your kid is not allergic to it. This is indeed important especially that children’s skin can be sensitive. Even if the paint is non-toxic, it does not mean it is safe for sensitive skin. Non-toxic paints can also cause allergy to

Oil Painting Tips

oilpaintThe surface on which you mix your colors is called a palette and a range of colors collected for painting is also called a palette. Oil painting tips will tell you that an artist has an option of choosing his palette as separate painting equipment or he may choose a comfortable surface to mix his colors.

Palette is an oval or oblong plate with edges, made of usually hardwood and it has a slot cut out which will hold the thumb of the artist. Artists who have the habit of holding the palette in the hand prefer the oval palette. Color paint is squeezed out of the tube on to the palette and then mixed with painting solvent such as turpentine.

However, not all artists like to hold the palette in their hand. For artists who like to have their hands free any surface at reaching point to the painting site can be used as a palette. Remember that in oil painting tips a plastic palette is not useful for oil painting since turpentine does not mix with paints in a plastic palette.

There are artists who

Money Saving Tips When Getting Tattoos

How much will your tattoos cost? Don’t expect to save money getting a tattoo.

Tattoos are expensive.

The better the quality, the more you will pay. Prices range from the $100’s into the $1000’s depending on size, complexity, placement and color.

And, if you want your own design incorporated into a tattoo, most artists will charge by the hour to make it stencil ready. If you want the artist to create an original for you, this service will also be charged above the standard fees.

Check on prices up front for any extra services. If the price seems out of reach, consult with the artist regarding your current tattoo allowance. She may have some options that will be suitable for what you have in mind.

“Good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.”

One last expense you will need to add into the budget is – tipping.

Better studios do not necessarily “expect” a tip but it is a standard practice among those who are familiar with the tattoo business and are pleased with the service they received.

Now that you know what the approximate expenses are,

Online Custom Tattoo Services Make Beautiful Tattoos Easy

Creating a tattoo is easy. One merely has to sit down with a pencil and start drawing. Size, colour, shape, style, and subject matter are all simply decisions and generating a tattoo design based on these decisions will always be smart, clean, beautiful, and easy for an artist to ink on their willing recipient, right?

Wrong! Designing a tattoo does include all of these factors, but unless you have a good basis for the artwork, an understanding of what goes into the inking of a tattoo, and full conceptualization of the way a tattoo will interact with the human body, you will have an extreme amount of difficulty and some luck on top of that if you are to conjure up a wondrous looking, well-placed, easy to tattoo design.

Luckily, online tattoo design services are available to help! These services provide monstrous amounts of starting artwork, a means of altering that artwork to create personalized images, and advice from seasoned tattoo designers that allow for generating artwork that will be easy for artists to ink and will best suit the recipient’s body and surrounding tattoos styles and shapes.

Whether you are an advanced artist or

How Can You Get the Best and Safest Tattoo Services

The most difficult part in getting a tattoo is to choose the right design and the best tattoo studio from among the various existing ones. However, it is required that you need to select a design that suits your body and personality in addition to the attractiveness of the tattoo.

Hence, it is good to select a tattoo studio, which is well known for being the best and safe. Arizona being the hub for tattoo art has some of the best body art studios and is therefore the best place for tattoo lovers to search for the excellent one.

Every year there is a Tattoo Expo in which the finest arts of tattoo artists, belonging to US, are showcased. For example, Arizona in US is recognized as the primary destination for tattoo lovers. You may ask any of your friends who already have body tattoos, and consider their opinion and their advice. Their opinions will be certainly helpful in finding out a finest tattoo parlors. Before that, you should examine their tattoos and determine the tattoo designs and quality and the workmanship of the artist. This will be helpful in knowing about the parlor without actually

Ways to Make Money With Photography

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money with photography. Some methods only require a digital camera and a connection to the internet. With other techniques you’ll need to travel and go on special assignment to capture the shot. Here are ten of the top money making photography tactics.

1. Upload your images to stock photography websites – These stock photo websites pay you every time someone downloads one of your images. On average you make 30-50% commission each time a purchase is made.

2. Set up a photoblog – Hosting your images on your own website is a great way to make extra income and showcase your work. You can make money from adverting, selling photography services or selling photos online.

3. Create custom products – Many people love to see their loved ones on a favorite mug, blanket, pillow, or t-shirt. Offering these custom products are easy using free online tools.

4. Offer your photography services – Many offline businesses need photographers to take pictures of their products or store fronts for use online. You can make a great income just by focusing on providing these services to needy businesses.

Professional Photography Services For Your Memorable Wedding

Wedding photography involves many aspects, from before the event, during and after the event. Proper planning and preparation is needed for the perfect photography shoot, as many fine details need to be considered to achieve the best results.

Creating a short list is the initial aspect to be tackled. This list includes all the locations, wedding party members, lenses one plans to use, in order to be prepared. As the day transpires, one checks the items off as they are achieved, that way leaving nothing to chance. Due to the general activity of the day, the wedding photography family shots can be quite daunting. Nominate a member, one from each of the couple’s families, to act as the point member, in charge of corralling everyone who should be in the different family shots together. That way, there will not be a family member missing from a wedding photo because they did not know it was being taken.

By stopping over the locations within the areas where the wedding photography session will take place ahead of the special day, one could use this as a tactic that is used by professionals to scout positions for the posed

The Alternative Marriage Photography Service

Want to know a unique way of saving money when it comes to Wedding Photography? Employing amateurs might sound like a risky business, but there are fanatical people out there who love their chosen hobby. These fanatics, or more appropriately enthusiastic amateurs, are amongst the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to photography. They are most likely to have all the gear necessary to capture your special day for a fraction of the price.

Please don’t think that all amateurs will be able to fulfill the job description. Just because your Uncle Jack has purchased the very latest all singing all dancing digital SLR will not guarantee that he has the passion or the enthusiasm, it just means that he has the spare cash to buy the latest bling accessory!

Where do you look to find these talented and enthusiastic amateur photographers? The ones that can think out of the box artistically and creatively, and the most likely to have a passion for photography that far exceeds the skills for a wedding. All of the above can be found at your local Photographic Association Camera Club.

Associations are normally county-wide and consist

Professional Photography Service

They say images speak thousand words and if that is so, then professional photographers know how to tell stories through images. Clicking photos on your own might not get you the perfect clarity and quality as provided by the professional photographers. That’s the only reason why people prefer to take the help of a reputed company. A professional click captures all the moments and emotions that later translates into memories. Combining the perfect light, setting and mood, the art connoisseurs capture images you can be proud of. Whether it is your birthday party, engagement, wedding, anniversary or any other special events, skilled photographers know how to define your real moments to be cherished lifetime. Their services have been a display of excellence and are customized to cater the exact needs of people. The article discusses about the benefits of hiring a professional photography service provider.

Guaranteed service

One of the key benefits associated with a skilled photography service provider is the guaranteed service. It is because of their guaranteed service offerings, customers find it comfortable to rely upon the professionals. Backed by years of experience in the domain of photography, the professionals go the extra mile

Start an Adventure Photography Service

I remember on one of my adventure tours I hired a professional photographer to follow us on a 2 week travel tour through California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. We ended up with many photographs. I believe it was over 1,000 in the end. That was 10 years ago and I am still using those photographs to promote my business.

Why not grab your camera and seek out a unique NICHE to focus on and start taking pictures while doing something you love. I am talking about being an Adventure or Travel photographer for companies. You find companies that are organizing tours, trips, adventures, you name it. Then sell your service to them. You will get to come along for the ride while you do your job.

It will require the discipline to make sure you remember that you are there to take photos and not participate in the tour or adventure. If a company is edgy about paying a large fee for your service, you can ask them to offer the additional benefit to the people on the tour. If there are 10 tour people and your fee is $2,000 then the company can split that

Developing Your Shooting Skills Into Your Very Own Photography Service

Being able to work in digital photography is a joyful endeavor. There are so many aspects to cultivate in delivering an excellent photo. You can also promote your photography services by adding a photo blog. Tips such as how to hold a digital camera properly can really be important when developing your photo shooting skills.

The ISO settings for a camera are key in learning to shoot perfect shots. Shutter speed is also a feature that you need to be master. A good photographer will know his equipment which will include his digital camera and all the equipment that comes with it. Canon is known for making great brands of digital cameras.

Be sure to consider a Canon camera if you are looking to purchase one. You can go online and research which cameras you might like. Deals are always around for digital cameras. Stores offer bargains for buyers to get their hands on a digital device.

Photography is a wonderful experience for those who are involved with it. Adobe Photoshop is a program that is widely used when capturing images. Especially for editing purposes, you need an efficient program to allow you to make

Great Preparation House Painting Tips to Paint Like a Pro

When it is time to paint many American families choose to do it themselves to save time and money. But when you do it yourself you need to know about house painting in order to get a professional look. One of the best house painting tips when you are doing it yourself is preparation.

Preparing to paint is more important than a lot of people think. When you are properly prepared then you can paint easily and more efficiently. It takes times to prepare and it can be tedious. But when you do you get the professional look that you are looking for and you will be happier with the outcome.

Preparation includes removing everything from the room away from the walls and covering it up so it does not become damaged. You will also remove all items off of the walls that get in the way of painting. This of course includes art and other decorations but it also includes outlet covers and similar items.

For items that cannot be removed ensure that you properly tape over them. Some of the worst mistakes people make is to justify painting over an items in their

Interior and Exterior Painting Tips

When you moved into your house, you may have been met with boring, white walls. What is worse is if you were blinded by horrific colors. When you need to make a change to the walls of your home, there are certain interior painting tips you will find useful. Likewise, after time, you may need a fresh house painting look on the exterior. Exterior painting is more difficult due to the height and scale factor, so it may be wise to hire professional painters. However, useful exterior residential painting tips are provided here as well.

First, prepare your room for interior painting. Remove the furniture, lay down a drop cloth, remove outlet covers, and have a step ladder handy for reaching the ceiling with your roller. When painting over already-painted walls, you will need to scuff sand it first to encourage the paint to stick to the surface. If you are unsure about the housing painting color you chose now that you are in the room, you can do test swatches on different areas of the wall to see how the light affects it. Leave it over night to let it dry and see it in all

Painting Tips for Illustrators

“We would like to see examples of your color work,” said the hand-written message on the postcard from an art director at a children’s book publishing house.

Uh-Oh. She had liked the black and white art samples I’d sent her, but she zeroed in on my weakness: The painting instruction I’d never quite gotten in college.

Now I had to work up some full color illustrations that demonstrated my painting bravura, or lack thereof. It was a long time ago and I’ll spare you the details about how I spent the weekend whipping up watercolors, doing the best I could with the little I knew. I could draw figures and scenes decently. But in my color and washes, there was always as many misses as hits. My painting efforts were all guesswork. Did it show?

I guess it did, because I didn’t hear from her again after I submitted my hastily assembled watercolors, or rather, photocopies of them.

I’ve learned a lot since then from painters, art directors and fellow illustrators, who were also, thank goodness, teachers at heart and generous.

The result is that I’ve learned that what I’d thought of as

Brush-Up On These Interior Painting Tips

Interior painting home improvement projects can either have you feeling excited at the prospect of doing it yourself or scared that you are biting off more than you can chew. The easiest time to paint a room is when it is empty before you move in, but more often than not painting takes place after moving in to either freshen the room color or to completely change the room color. Sometimes the use of a room changes, such as with the birth of a baby or when a child leaves for college. No matter what the reason for painting the room a few simple tips will make this project fun and successful. These interior painting tips will help you with the important steps of preparing for the task of painting your interior walls as well as tips for the actual painting.

  1. Supplies you will need include: trim brush, full brush, large and small rollers with roller pads, paint tray with liners, blue painter’s tape, a step-stool or ladder and paint. When selecting your paint look for paint that doesn’t have a strong smell if you are sensitive to strong odors. Make sure to have a soft cloth

Simple And General Guidelines For Making Amazing Paintings

The play of color in a canvas is what can be called as painting. A good painting is an intellectual self-expression of its creator. It requires great aesthetic sense, artistic concepts and creative power to lay down a painting. Various schools of arts have established different theories on paintings. Ethnicpaintings one of the largest portals on art and paintings has come up with some useful painting tips to offer as first hand knowledge on painting. These tips on painting are simple and general guidelines that may help to create various forms of paintings. The amateur painters and the beginners can put a glance on the painting tips before trying their hand out. Our online art gallery will also entertain you with some of the finest paintings in the world. Drop in and get spoilt with choices.

While sketching the under-painting use light pencil or thin acrylic or oil as the base. Under-painting is just the foundation of your painting; so do not thicken it with dark tones. At first try to apply thin and light touches and then cover them up with thick layers. Put your colors on the palette and apply coats using a paintbrush. After

Things You Need to Know

Four DIY painting tips that every home decorator needs to know

DIY Painting Tip 1. If you need to stop for lunch in the middle of your painting, then you can stop your brushes and rollers from being ruined from paint drying on them. Wrap your brush or roller cover in cling wrap and put it in the fridge. When you are ready to start painting again just get it out of the fridge, unwrap the cling wrap and you are ready to go.

DIY Painting Tip 2. If you are going to buy a premium paint finish, then don’t try and save on your brushes and rollers. Whilst it might be tempting to try and save some money this way, you will not be happy with the results. The quality of your brushes and rollers will make a big difference to the final look of your job.

DIY Painting Tip 3. When looking for paint color ideas, it is really worth the extra expense to get some sample pots and paint them on your walls to see how your paint color ideas look in that room. Don’t forget to undercoat over these patches before

Tips For Doing a Professional Paint Job

Use these valuable painting tips for your painting business or for your own home improvement projects. These are the little things that make a big difference in making your painting projects look their best. Most are severely overlooked by the general do-it-yourself homeowner.

1. Use Quality Paint – always use quality paint for your walls and woodwork. As a professional painter, I know the difference between using a great product vs. an average one. Never waste your labor on cheap paint. For example, good quality enamels will outshine the cheap ones for walls and woodwork. You can see the difference.

2. Buy Some Painting Tools – never be afraid of buying quality painting tools. After all, how else are you going to get the job done? Good painting tools will last a lifetime or the lifetime of your home even!

3. Prepping Between Coats – most people hate prep work. It is because they don’t know where to begin or to end. I will finish a ceiling, add one coat of paint or primer to the walls and add a primer coat to the woodwork before I go and fill any holes or cracks. Why?

Quality House Painting Tips

Before I give you house painting tips, let me say that if your last set-to with a paintbrush involved the use of those old-fashioned oil base paints, you’re in for a jolt. The new coatings that have arrived on the market go on like no paint you’ve ever handled before. They’re available in a range of colors varied enough to confuse an electronic brain (but not a housewife). What’s more they set new records for durability, washability and beauty.

Since you are after house painting tips, you’ve probably found out about the latex or alkyd paints that are on the market under quite a few different brand names. Most of these do an excellent job. However, when you buy paint don’t try to skimp on quality.

Foremost of my house painting tips is that for the most part this is one field where you get precisely what you pay for. Top quality paint put out by a reputable firm is not cheap.

While not one of my house painting tips, I have to say the strangest and, to a large extent, the most fantastic paint that has come along in a good many years is